There are a number of weight loss supplements on the market, but one in particular is used as an ingredient, or can be taken by itself: caffeine. That’s right, that cup of coffee or tea can assist you in your journey to get rid of love handles and drop a few pants sizes. If you’re starting a weight loss regimen and are considering grabbing some caffeine supplements to zip up the process, we’ve got you covered with some pros and cons and what to expect. Grab a cup of Joe and let’s get brewing.

The biggest and best benefit of caffeine supplements is that yes, it will help you drop weight by means of speeding up your metabolism. Digesting food faster means less chance of overeating at meals. Also, caffeine can help suppress your appetite; this means you can mitigate your snacking and save eating for scheduled meal times. The drawback to having a cup of coffee instead of a snack? Caffeine can be addictive and you will get used to it and the effects will diminish over a long period of time.

Speaking of those effects of caffeine, let’s talk about energy. How many times have you felt groggy in the morning, or mid-afternoon, and went to grab a cup of coffee to perk yourself back up? if you are anything like the average person, that fog and haze dissipates and you have more energy shortly after enjoying that cup. Now you can get back to your day and finish your work without dreaming about a nap. Trick is, you shouldn’t have too much caffeine all at once, or in the course of a day or else you might end up with the jitters. Nothing quite like buzzing about and a hand shaking while you’re sitting at your desk, or doing your chores. However, the jitters can be put to good use at the gym – consider hitting the elliptical when you have that energy!

Caffeine can help keep you regular and getting rid of excess waste and water weight. This is good, but if you have too much caffeine, you may end up being a bathroom VIP of sorts. Additionally, too much coffee specifically, but caffeine overall to a degree, can cause nausea and upset stomach. Tea, specifically black and green variants, also contain caffeine and won’t cause your stomach to feel off like too many cups of coffee can.

If you’re starting your weight loss program, we’d love to hear from you! Ask us any questions you may have, especially about caffeine supplements and how they can help you reach your goals faster. We’ve got years of knowledge to pass onto you to help you reach your ideal healthy weight and fit into your old fashionable wardrobe. Give us a call today to learn more!